PEB-04 Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Applications of Pre-Engineered Buildings

Applications of Pre-Engineered Buildings

Whether you’re a contractor or an owner, steel buildings are the way to go in terms of making a cost-cutting and time-saving decision. Steel buildings are the ideal choice for modernization reconfiguring, extending or adapting your space with minimal disruption. And when it comes to the application of a Pre-Engineered steel building, your imagination is its only limit.

Our team of experts can help you visualize your business, designed in one of our custom structures which can serve a variety of purposes.


·         Factories

·         Workshops

·         Warehouses

·         Cold stores

·         Car parking sheds

·         Slaughter houses

·         Bulk product storage


·         Schools

·         Exhibition halls

·         Hospitals

·         Theaters

·         Auditoriums

·         Sports halls


·         Showrooms

·         Distribution centers

·         Supermarkets

·         Restaurants

·         Offices

·         Service stations

·         Shopping centers

Heavy Industrial

·         Cement Plants

·         Steel rolling mills

·         Sugar mills

·         Ceramic factories

·         Recreational

·         Gymnasiums

·         Swimming pool enclosures

·         Indoor tennis courts

Aviation & Military

·         Aircraft hangers

·         Administration Buildings

·         Residential barracks

·         Support facilities

·         Agricultural

·         Poultry-Dairy Farms

·         Greenhouses

·         Grain storage

·         Animal confinement

·         Pump stations